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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Care Packages

I love my pharmacy. When they stock new inventory, they take out the old stuff, put it in a box all together and toss it in the dump. All I have to do is stop by to pick up my "care packages" as I have come to call them. They almost always have food in them and more often than not contain medicine, books, electronics and all kinds of other great stuff! The latest care packages that I picked up had:

portable cd/radio boombox
4lb box epsom salt
Pez dispenser keychain with pez
12 5.5oz boxes Oreos
3 scented candles
10 CD-R with jewel case
stuffed quail squeaky toy
16 travel tubes Aleve
2 packets Alka Seltzer
3 2qt. bottles grapefruit juice
2 16.9oz bottles water
travel packet antibacterial hand wipes
tube anti-wrinkle hand cream

I don't have a use for lots of the thing that I bring home from the pharmacy, so Ive been working on a plan to put together care packages for people in the community who need it. So far craigslist has been a good venue to make my packages available, but whoever is coming obviously has access to a computer and I want it to go to people who don't have anything. I have also begun keeping extra food stuffs in the car to give to the many homeless people who often stand at what seems like every intersection. If anyone else has experience with anything like this, Id like to hear your ideas on how to get things to those who need it and other related topics.


  1. Have you considered the local homeless shelter? Or someone at the Salvation Army or some organization that helps the very needy? They might be a good person to funnel that great stuff to the right people.

  2. I have considered it, but would rather put it directly in the hands of those who need it. Organizations have lots of resources and access to people but lots of people dont have (immediate) access to the organizations.. there's lots of people in the area where I live who don't have transportation to get to the shelters or other places like that. If I begin collecting more than I can manage again, I will turn to those groups for help, but would like to find different ways to help.

  3. Hi! First of all,I <3 your blog!! Second, maybe check and post at other social sites, make posters and leave them around your neighborhood for other like minded people to contact you like building a little Freegan Care Package Making And Then Giving Away To Those In Need Army(FCPMATGATTINA?!?)?
    --I know horrible grammar--
    <3 j.r.



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