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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Yesterday I sent my friends home with several boxes of stuff and I was looking for some bags to put it all in when I had a break through. I had gotten my sewing machine out earlier, which must have reminded me of an idea for making bags out of old tee shirts that I had a while ago. I grabbed an old shirt and had one whipped up in about a minute! I was really surprised at how easy and effective it is. Here's a step by step guide to making your own shopping bag from an old shirt.

I started with an old black shirt and turned it inside out. I guess it doesn't really matter what side you start on with solid colors, but if it had a print on the front you would want to start by turning it inside out. This way, the seam on the bottom is inside the bag and the print shows on the outside. 

I ran it through the machine along the bottom of the shirt. I just ran it through a couple times with a straight stitch but depending on how strong the bag needs to be, you may want to choose a different stitch.

I then folded the shirt in half and cut along the lines shown above.

When you open it up it looks like this.

To test it out, I turned it right side out and got all this stuff from the other night to put inside it.

It worked nicely. The knit fabric will naturally curl in on the handles and along the raw edges. The creative possibilities for this are many. You could put a seam on the edges or handles, cut it in to any shape, use any crazy print, add pockets on the sides, zippers or buttons on the top.. 

After making a few, I found that longer medium-large tee shirts make the best ones(for my purposes). You could make them of any size, depending on what you need it for. You can take in the side seams that go from the arm pit to the bottom on a larger shirt, but you must use a zig zag stitch or something else on these vertical seams that will be able to stretch with the fabric when its full of stuff. I also found that the handles will stretch out a lot if you put lots of heavy stuff in it. This can be solved by just sewing the handles together at a shorter point to make them the desired length. If they are long enough, you can put them over your shoulders like a back pack, and if the contents isn't too heavy you can even stack several on top of each other on your back. I'm not sure about their longevity. The thin cotton fabric suggests that they may tear at the handles or rip easily if treated roughly, but part of the appeal of these bags is that they're easily replaced. Bags that are made from shirts that are made from natural fibers(cotton, hemp, etc.) are compostable. You can cut it up and throw it right in the compost pile with the scrapings from last night's dinner or in my case, the peppers and cabbage from the other week that I never got around to cooking.

It literally took me about one minute to cut along the lines and sew the bottom shut. It is so easy, anyone could do it. You could even make one sewing by hand in just a couple minutes. This will be a long term solution to the problem I have of never having enough bags at the dumps or not wanting to send people home with my good bags. There are plenty of places to get old tee shirts for free(or for less than a dollar at any thrift store if you don't dumpster dive or just prefer to buy things). These will be wonderful tools in coming weeks when school lets out. I can easily carry six or ten empty bags with me and fill one or two at each dumpster, putting filled bags in my car as needed.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some other stuff..

Wow. I keep saying it, but school is keeping me  really really busy.. And now that we are entering wedding season Ive been working a lot more too. I hardly have time to dive, take pictures, write posts or anything. As always, I find time to go diving when I really need to, but haven't been keeping records of my findings.
There are several buildings being gutted in a shopping center that I frequent and I've found some pretty interesting things in their dumps. Here are some more pictures of the cool stuff Ive been finding lately.

We found some of everything that night; candles, clothes, candy, produce, drinks, medicne, toys, cosmetics, cleaning supplies..
Lots and lots of milk. I heard that you can freeze milk. Since most of this didn't expire for a couple more weeks, I tried freezing some. It turned yellowish and gross and the chocolate milk looked black when it froze, but they turned back to normal milk upon thawing out. Success!
Lots of cookies and crackers and stuff from a pharmacy. This is what was left over after I took a bag full of stuff to share at work and gave another bag of stuff to a friend.
All the boxes of shrimp had been sliced with a razor so that the box and bag inside containing the shrimp were opened, but everything was still frozen solid when I found it, so I just tossed it all back in the freezer. I have no worries about any of it being unsafe to eat. I had just run out of sugar and needed more, so I was glad to find 10lbs that night. The razors were also a good find.
This is the kind of gross stuff you run in to on occasion.. a whole cow tongue. This is also why I always wear gloves and keep an assortment of sanitizing products in my car at all times. When I was in Japan I ate raw cow tongue, which was actually really delicious, but I had no desire to give this slimy one a try.. I don't recall finding anything of value that particular time.
Tons of really expensive imported cheese. Yum.
I had to visit the bank one Saturday morning and the only one open was inside a big ass super market. I had to bring my camera along. These carts full of easter or spring themed stuff have most likely long since been stuffed in their compactor.
I found this beautiful wooden full length mirror in the bin behind the shops that are being re-modeled. I expected the glass to be shattered when I dug it out, but was thrilled to find it intact! I also found those awesome speakers long ago.
Apparently one of the shops was a wig shop; besides the mirror, there were several styrofoam heads that will make a rad art project or something, as well as a brand new wig.
This is gonna be fun..
This was also behind the shops. You can't see that well, but it is illuminated from behind.
I re-framed one of my works in the light board and was shocked to see the amazing different images that show through when the light is on. One might think I planned it that way if they didn't know any better.. Unfortunately, the details are hard to see in these images.

On a side note, my friend informed me that the pr rating of the blog has gone from 1 to 3 on a scale from 0-10. Im not entirely sure what it all means, but apparently it means that lots of people like to read about what I do! So thank you, loyal readers. Thank you for your time and interest. I hope that you all can learn something form my misadventures and that you are inspired to explore the boundaries and rules for how to function in society. 
I learned an important life lesson this semester. It can't be applied to everything, but is a very important rule of thumb(for me).

Don't ever do anything just because you are told you need to or you should. Do things because you want to do them. Do things the way you want to do them. Live your life the way you see fit, not the way anyone else tells you it has to be or should be done.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Im sorry for being so bad about posting the last few weeks.. I have been swamped with school, work and nice weather and have hardly had time to go diving; however, now that our hour of effortless plenty is coming to an end I want get out and enjoy these last few weeks of pleasant conditions. Today was a bit of a scare, being around 90°F in the middle of a beautiful spring week. I hope its not a glimpse of what the long summer ahead will be like.. Anyway, Ive been super busy but have had lots of success lately and have been taking pictures pretty regularly. I have also had a huge increase in the number of people wanting to go with me. I guess the change from bitter cold and gusty to the more recent gorgeous spring weather has sparked their interest. 
 Now I know just how long it will take to get to location X and Y, maybe Z too if there's not a lot at the first ones, get back home,sort stuff out, take inventory and put everything away, so I haven't really been keeping lists; it all becomes really time consuming..   I just been so consumed with school lately and haven't had the motivation to go all the way.. So, I guess what Ill do is show you all of the good pictures of dives since the last list was posted. Here we go!
We had fun that night. I was super excited to whip out the jumbo calculator in the middle of math class.
Yea, thats 6 cases of baby food back there.. My mom took them to the clinic with some diapers I had and said the woman working there was almost in tears when she brought it all in because they were so desperate for supplies.
Chocolates! Mangoes! We made a pineapple pie that night:
Baxter and Ollie were almost excited as I was.
I rode to the store along with a friend for some wine and decided to go inside to check things out. Its not often that I go in; it felt like a weird dream or something.
I went ahead and bought a couple things.. I have only found one stick of rhubarb once last year, so I'm okay with buying it. Besides, pie is always worth it! As for the chips, I bought them and Laura got the wine.
This was a really fun night a few weeks ago when a friend was visiting from out of town. We found lots of food, pharmacy stuff and the rolling shelf. and beer! A great night, indeed!

A good first night out with a friend. We found some plants and about 10 or 12 packages of strawberries that I cut up and put in the freezer for a future pie or something.
Excellent score of various non-food items from a couple places just a few nights ago.
And another excellent score the very next while at a meetup.
The crate I brought home after we split our loot.


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