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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Okay, so its been a while. Ive been diving more often and have found loads of great stuff, but ive been so busy that I havent had time to post the lists.. I havent been keeping up with the group that I started either.. I feel sort of bad about being so negligent, but I haven't abandoned everything!
So I have a confession.. a couple weeks ago I broke down and went grocery shopping! At a big corporate 24-hour chain.. I know, I know. Im such a hypocrite. But considering I can count on one hand the number of times I've purchased groceries since I started this grand experiment last February, I'm not losing any sleep over it... I spent 13 dollars on one bunch of celery, eeggs, cabbage, carrots, onions and a couple other things. It had been a while since I found any good fresh food and my body craved veggies! Of course, the next night when I was diving I found celery, eggs, carrots and an onion... It was just a little lesson in patience and diligence, I suppose. Anyway, more to come later. Im trying to renovate things so look a little fancier, so don't be surprised if things change a bit.


  1. So, I've just read your entire blog and I am so intrigued. I had a few questions:

    1.) have you ever gotten ill, I mean food poisoning ill?
    2.) Aside from the laptop, what has been the most expensive thing you've found on a dive?
    3.)Do you feel like doing all of this scavenging can create a tendency toward hoarding?
    Right after high school some girlfriends and I would go "jai-jai" (driving through nice neighborhoods on Sunday nights to find treasures to furnish college apartments)and it almost became addictive - it was like having the freedom to save such beautiful things that another person was just discarding became almost consuming. I was reading into that feeling from the "dorm-diving" post. So I was just wondering how you deal with that feeling/if you ever have that feeling.

    Keep up the posting and good luck!


  2. Hey, how about cup noodles?
    I found many different flavors here

  3. To answer Laruras questions,

    No, I have never been sick form eating anything I have found. I have spit out a couple moutfulls of chicken before, not because it smelled or tasted bad, but because even though it seems fine, having one meal isnt worth the risk of getting sick. There is ALWAYS something safer to eat somewhere anyway..

    Im not really sure what the most expensive item that Ive found is.. Ive found gold jewelry, exotic cooking oils, medicine and other expensive stuff. My brother and I got a sweet couch from a nice neighborhood the other week. Most of the stuff i find is normal every day stuff, but on a good night I'll bring home 500 or 600 dollars worth of it.
    Yes, it absolutely creates a tendency to hoard, which is why I am constantly trying to find people to give all my extra stuff to. Usually my starving college friends gladly take it off my hands, but random items that I dont really have use for tend to accumulate. I have had two yard sales recently and made a nice chunk of change considering at least 80% was stuff ive found. Im also trying to find good people or organizations to donate these extra random items to. The urge to take all that is available is hard to override sometimes, but I just try to remember that I only have to take what I need for the moment, because I can find more whenever I need it.



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