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Friday, February 5, 2010

More snow

The weather has been so miserable lately. School got canceled three days this week because of the snow and ice everywhere.. We don't get a whole lot of snow here so every year whenever it snows a little, no one knows how to deal with it and everyone freaks out. Since its cold and wet all the time these days I haven't had the slightest desire to go out and dig in any dumpsters. The last couple days were a bit nicer with some sun to melt the snow and warm things up a bit, so yesterday I scheduled a meet up to get some food before another round of snow, sleet and rain predicted for the weekend hit us again. I went to three stores with two other people and we were able to find quite a bit before a wintry mix began to precipitate. I brought them back home to select what they wanted and I ended up with:

8 bags assorted lettuce
4 bags assorted rolls
1 loaf french bread
1 box croissants
5 packages organic firm tofu
3 bell peppers
bag of broccoli
12" cake
peanut butter crackers

I let them keep the three 8oz blocks of cheese because I've still got a crate full of many kinds of sliced cheese in the fridge. 
In other news, I got a really cool new gadget on my side bar. Its a counter that shows the country where someone who looks at the page is from. It can also generate statistics and graphs about how many people from certain countries look at it and stuff like that. I thought it was pretty cool because now I can see what countries people are in who are looking at my blog. I was surprised to get 26 page views from 6 countries while I was messing around with it for a few hours this afternoon, before I reset it to show the number of visitors from all countries. Its good to know that people all over the world can and are accessing my blog and that the reality of our wastefulness is getting some exposure. You can get a counter for your page by clicking the link on the bottom of my counter.
Today I also started a new meetup group. Its called the Triad Free Pie Group, inspired by something I have mentioned before:  While doing a bit of digging for information about the organization I found that it has sort of morphed in to a sort of community center similar to one I have longed to open for a while now. You can find more information about it at  The strange part about it all is that its located in Greensboro!... Greensboro, Alabama, that is.. Maybe one day there will be one in Greensboro, NC. Anyway, I'm really excited about getting some members together to talk about organizing a free pie day some time soon! Ill have to let you, my lovely readers, know how our first meeting in two weeks goes.
Oh! How could I forget the most important and exciting bit of 'other news'?!
I've been accepted to the University of Hawai'i at Hilo!!!!
I have been working toward this goal for quite a long time and am very excited to be able to start making concrete plans for moving there at the end of June or July. I am still not exactly sure how or when I will get there, but I can now start thinking about it as a reality instead of a possibility. I'm considering dumpster diving across our great nation in my little car to visit a few people and see a few places along the way to Washington before I make my final departure to Hawai'i, but its all up in the air for now.. I've got to stay focused on my school work and saving as much money as possible for now. Anyone have advice on making a move like this or anything that you think may help? Id surely appreciate any and all help sorting out what I ought to do to make this very, very big transition as smooth as possible.


  1. congrats on getting accepted mikey!

  2. Congrats!!! I am sincerely happy for you.

    Here are some general tips off the top of my head:

    Take more money than you think you will need and half the stuff you want to take with you (trust me, you will find / buy stuff there). Or, bring stuff with you that you can leave behind when you return home so you will have more room in your bags to bring home souvenirs and things you collect along the way.

    Make sure that you have copies of all your important papers/ documents (scan copies and email them to yourself too as backup).

    Bring hard copy pictures and a map from back home to decorate your new room.

    Find other freegans online in the area where you will be staying before you go, so you already feel like you have a network of friends there.

    Keep a journal / diary of your experiences in Hawaii that you can flip through in 20 years.

    If you take any medication, have a supply with you to get through the first several months.

    Set up housing, etc before you leave if possible - it will make your life a lot less stressful and it will give you an idea of where your budget needs to be.

    Consider buying your plane ticket off of for a good deal.

    Remember, Skype is a beautiful, wonderful invention to cure homesickness...

    Have fun! Enjoy relishing in your accomplishment.


  3. Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I'm an avid reader. Had some family who lived in HI for years and visited when I was a kid. People were very friendly and warm, but prices are crazy (it is an island after all, with everything shipped in). Enjoy the experience and keep posting!

  4. congrats on your acceptance! how exciting!



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