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Friday, February 12, 2010


Well I dont think I found anything on last night's list, but I did find tons of great stuff. I found a care package at the pharmacy with all sorts of goodies and lots of stuff at the grocery store. Im glad I decided to go because tonight while I was at work it began to snow.
Im so sick of this weather! I cant wait for the eternal tropical weather and growing season in Hilo.. Never again will I have to trudge through the slush with chapped and cracking lips; numb toes wrapped in cold, wet boots, eyes burning in the frigid wind.. No longer will I battle each morning, attempting to coax myself out of bed, motivating myself with promises of hot coffee and a warm shower just make it to the end of the freezing hallway...
Im glad I went last night. Even better, Im fairly certain that my shift for tomorrow will be canceled, as the company has postponed the event I'm scheduled to work the previous two weeks in a row due to the weather. This means Ill have all day long to sleep in, take my time getting the day started, clean the house, cook and prepare for Sunday's potluck. I just hope that the crappy weather doesn't deter people from coming.. Ive been looking forward to having another feast, like those in the days of Paisley St.. Especially after all the sweet stuff I found. Here is what was being thrown away last night:

an entire case of bananas
10lb bag yukon gold potatoes
3 boxes organic baby spinach
2 onions
2 bell peppers
2 tomatoes
6 cans whole tomatoes
4 packages shiitake mushrooms
bag of red grapes
2 carambola-star fruit
6 organic zucchini
40 assorted apples
3 chiles
5 carrots
2 bottles Gatorade
box Multi grain cheerios
lots of oranges and tangerines
yellow kalanchoe
Im gonna give my mom most of the apples and bananas to make apple sauce and banana bread.. Mmmm... There are some good things about your mother being a chef! Ill get some fresh eggs from my friend who works at a local farm and make Tomat on Sunday. Celery, chicken and grapes, ingredients I've found lately, are three important components of my mothers famous curried chicken salad.. I remember it was always the most popular thing at all of her restaurants over the years. My friends have missed it lately since it doesn't get made too often these days; perhaps Ill make some tomorrow..
As for the care package, it had some good things in it too. Its been a while since I found one at that store, so I was quite pleased to be the recipient of the stuff they were throwing away.

Container of powder Similac
disinfectant cleaning wipes.. haha..
weekly pill organizer
bottle Nyquil cough/cold syrup
Burt's Bees sunscreen
bottle Bactine
lots of expired tubes of  expensive lip balm
2 packages Olay face cream
cold/hot pack
dental guard
Brittney Spears body wash and lotion
Witmans singing V-Day chocolates
Vday lollipop
3-D Crayola coloring stuff.. sweet!
black hair piece
LED night light
bottle liquid dish detergent

My mom knows people who she gives stuff like the similac, and Ill find people who can use some of the other stuff. Ill need to find a sweetie to give the chocolates to, though..

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