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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hello, World!

Dear World,
Since I got the flag counter widget, I have realized that there are a lot more people out there reading this than I ever thought. Its amazing to me that anyone in the world can read this and Im finding out that they are. I decided a blog would at least be some way of making this information available to those who seek it.. When I realized the scale of things and saw how much senseless waste is occurring every day I had a lot of guilt for being so naive..ignorant of what was really going on. Im so glad that there are so many concerned people out there! It may seem like a stretch, but since I got the flag counter, its made me feel more connected to humanity; its comforting to know that there are people all over the world thinking about problems I blog about.
Im always interested in learning about what people are doing in other cities around the world to find solutions to these problems. If you have stories about your experiences, news in your community that you'd like to share or a link to your site, i'd love to hear them, especially if you are outside the US!
I want to thank you; thank you all as individuals-thank you for thinking and for caring enough to seek out this information.. not enough people in the world care about anything that goes on outside their individual perception of reality..
Love and Peace to all

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