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Monday, February 1, 2010

More randomness

I was dropping my friend off yesterday afternoon after having been snowed in the previous evening,  when we came across a big pile of stuff at the corner outside the entrance to her apartment complex. After I found the suitcase the other day she had mentioned that she needed one, so when we saw a little black suitcase on top of matching end tables, we pulled over and got out to investigate.
We guessed that the stuff had just been put out since it wasn't covered in the aforementioned 7" of snow.. The suitcase is in excellent condition and the perfect size for Erin; inside were more treasures: a pair of black leather cowboy boots and three other pairs of size 12 mens shoes. Not an hour before I had made a comment about how badly in need of a new pair of shoes I am and alluded to the possibility of going shoe shopping, a once every-other-year kind of event for me; however, I didn't entertain the idea long, thinking of how the snow would affect what would otherwise be a simple errand.. Ever since I found that pair of ladies boots last summer at the dorm dumps Ive been wanting a pair of my own(mens cowboy boots), although they're slightly large and I haven't decided if I want to keep them for good; after all, they could easily fetch a price to pay for my chemistry book or biology lab manual, both of which ive been putting off buying in hopes of acquiring one for free or at a reduced price.. and now that we're entering the third week of school.......
In addition to the suitcase of shoes, we found a small boom box and a flashlight. inside the end tables. I would have taken the tables too, but I have nowhere to put them.. Thinking back, I should have taken them.. they could have hung out in the living room until someone on craigslist wanted to pay $10 for them.. We'll call this a lesson learned.
Oh, how I do love random finds! To think that this would have just sat beside the road or been picked up by someone else if I had decided to stay in the house for the third day in a row.. Another lesson learned: people still throw stuff away when it snows. Its also good to get out and about every now and then..

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