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Friday, March 27, 2009

Cooking With Garbage

I have been wanting to have a cooking blog for a while that documented my cooking adventures. Now that the contents of my cupboards depends on what is available, I have had to get very creative with the stuff I find. Some dishes, i ate because i didnt want to waste the food.. others, i cant believe I had never thought of before! So from now on I will be including any interesting recipes I come up with while trying to figure out how to cook what ive got. There are two things that I can think of since I created them both last night.

the "Chinese Burrito" as I called it
I spread cream cheese on to a spinach wrap and cut up some imitation crab meat. i sauteed the crab meat for a couple minutes with some spices and olive oil. While it cooked, I shredded some iceberg lettuce and grated a carrot. When the crabmeat, which I cut like pulled barbecue, was done cooking, I put in on the wrap with cream cheese and added the lettuce and carrot. On top of it all, I put some chinese oyster sauce and wrapped it up. It was really tasty with good variety of textures and flavors; it was a little like a giant california roll... mmmm

Im not sure what to call the other one. Its like a pizza mixed with a pastry. We'll call it an Apricot Bleu Cheese Crostini.
I started by making a chutney of sorts using dried turkish apricots and incorporating them in to a simple syrup. I reduced it down to make it like apricot preserves. While that was simmering, I sliced some thin rounds of bread and toasted them til the outsides were dry and crispy, but not quite toasted. When the chutney was done I spread it on the toasts and crumbled gorgonzolaover it, sprinkling black pepper and chili powder on top of it all. I then baked them in the toaster oven for a few minutes and broiled them for a minute to make sure the tops were nice and melty and the bread got good and crispy.
They turned out to be really really amazing. It had all the flavors and textures you could want: sweet, tangy, pungent, creamy, spicy, crispy, and smooth. I will serve these in my restaurant as an appetizer whenever i have it... i got the idea from the fig preserve and cabrales bleu cheese flatbread the was on the menu at GVG and tweaked it to work with what I had. I encourage you all to try some of the things I post, using whatever you have to make your version, and let me know how it works out!

For my final message, i want you to remember this: try not to throw stuff away. give it to someone or some orginization who can use it. one day there will not be a place where we can just dig a hole and bury stuff... minimize your wate. make a compost pile. put unwanted items on or craigslist. use a fucking mop instead of a swiffer. boycott disposable stuff that has to be replaced constantly, taking up space in landfills and costing you money!

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