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Thursday, March 26, 2009

rainy day dives

Its supposed to rain all weekend, which i hope will be good for diving.. i cant imagine anyone would go unless they really need to, so i expect to find some good things. I went today with "Steven" and we got a few good things. I have never gone before closing before except once right before closing time. There was not a whole lot of stuff but I suspect that most places wait til the end of the day to throw most of the stuff away.. even so, the things we found were sell by today, so I know now that i can get stuff that someone else would have bought earlier this afternoon. Ill probably go back tonight to see what else gets tossed, if i can get some gas in my car without paying for it...
So, here's what we found today:

1 loaf italian bread
6 packages crumbled gorgonzola
6 yellow onions
2 sweet potatoes
11 pack diet cola (broken can)

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