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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I just found this NPR story on homelessness in Hawaii and thought it was really interesting. I don't plan on being homeless when I arrive in Hawai'i, but it does seem like an alluring idea, although I don't think that the residents of the state should be responsible for paying for services for mainlanders to come be homeless on their island. It's something interesting to talk about. Thoughts?


  1. I believe those with money should pay for the basics of those without money, no matter what. It is part of being in a society that makes needs and wants practically synonomous.

    I had a homeless friend that was going back to Hawaii. I wish him the best. From my one isolated experience, Hawaiian people are awesome. I think you will have a great time there. And say hello to Gus for me. :)

  2. I don't think a society should force its people to use money. One of the appealing things about Hawaii for me is that I can work and get practical experience with things that interest me in exchange for room and board. Taking currency out of the equation makes people more valuable. They have to develop and use their skills and knowledge to get what they want/need instead of just buying it or forcing someone else to buy it for them. I think people would be smarter and more capable if the didn't rely on currency.



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