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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Take Two

Life is quite different these days. I have done so many things. Things that have led me far down a path which has led me to an entirely different person. Over the last two years I have embraced new cultures and lifestyles, lived in eight+ different houses, steadily worked two part time jobs, kept super busy with school and made deans list two semesters in a row,  began beekeeping, taking dance classes and volunteering with an urban gardening project, lost some dear friends, met fabulous new ones, traveled between the east coast and Hawaii, and have lived out of my car since January. It has been an interesting time and lots of crazy stuff has happened, but in the end I have been led right back to where I started: I'm a college student, trying to scrape together enough money to eat, not to mention afford a home to live in. While there is less waste and a higher level of consciousness surrounding waste and conservation of resources, there is still plenty for the taking. You just have to work a little harder for it here. I can grow anything I want at any time of the year. I just have to find a plot, plant my food and take care of it until it's ready. There is a little more involved with going around and collecting the abundance here than there was in my old life, but there is just as much if not more natural resources available here.You just need to know the what, where, when's of the island.
Before I start rambling about stuff that doesn't make sense to anyone I want to make my point clear. It has been a long time since I started this blog and many things have changed, and I have many new insights to offer about food; growing food, eating food, wasting food, sharing food, cooking food and other food stuff. I want to start writing again and trust that you all will be patient and flexible enough to keep up with me as I begin to feel out the new direction I'm going with this.
Throughout all of these changes in my life I have learned some recurring lessons. Two of them are:
Life is too short to fuck around. Do what you love, love what you do, and share your love with others as much as you can.
The other thing is that the world is much, much smaller than any of us can possibly comprehend. Every person you have ever encountered most likely still exists somewhere, living their life just as you live yours. We make small differences in the lives of the people we encounter each day and so we make a difference in the world each day. So be kind and work hard. It makes a difference. \

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