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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Im sorry for being so bad about posting the last few weeks.. I have been swamped with school, work and nice weather and have hardly had time to go diving; however, now that our hour of effortless plenty is coming to an end I want get out and enjoy these last few weeks of pleasant conditions. Today was a bit of a scare, being around 90°F in the middle of a beautiful spring week. I hope its not a glimpse of what the long summer ahead will be like.. Anyway, Ive been super busy but have had lots of success lately and have been taking pictures pretty regularly. I have also had a huge increase in the number of people wanting to go with me. I guess the change from bitter cold and gusty to the more recent gorgeous spring weather has sparked their interest. 
 Now I know just how long it will take to get to location X and Y, maybe Z too if there's not a lot at the first ones, get back home,sort stuff out, take inventory and put everything away, so I haven't really been keeping lists; it all becomes really time consuming..   I just been so consumed with school lately and haven't had the motivation to go all the way.. So, I guess what Ill do is show you all of the good pictures of dives since the last list was posted. Here we go!
We had fun that night. I was super excited to whip out the jumbo calculator in the middle of math class.
Yea, thats 6 cases of baby food back there.. My mom took them to the clinic with some diapers I had and said the woman working there was almost in tears when she brought it all in because they were so desperate for supplies.
Chocolates! Mangoes! We made a pineapple pie that night:
Baxter and Ollie were almost excited as I was.
I rode to the store along with a friend for some wine and decided to go inside to check things out. Its not often that I go in; it felt like a weird dream or something.
I went ahead and bought a couple things.. I have only found one stick of rhubarb once last year, so I'm okay with buying it. Besides, pie is always worth it! As for the chips, I bought them and Laura got the wine.
This was a really fun night a few weeks ago when a friend was visiting from out of town. We found lots of food, pharmacy stuff and the rolling shelf. and beer! A great night, indeed!

A good first night out with a friend. We found some plants and about 10 or 12 packages of strawberries that I cut up and put in the freezer for a future pie or something.
Excellent score of various non-food items from a couple places just a few nights ago.
And another excellent score the very next while at a meetup.
The crate I brought home after we split our loot.

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