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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring has sprung

I have been lacking motivation lately.. but school is finally out. With some free time on my hands and good stories from the dorms, Ive gotten a little motivation to post some stuff from recent dives. Here are a few pictures from my latest excursions:

We found tons of Roma tomatoes, green peppers and some hydrangeas that night. Yay, plants! Its been weeks now and I really need to plant them; they perked right up and are about to bloom.

My first night at the dorms. Lots of food and bags as well as several other wonderful miscellaneous items that I never usually find.

The second night was more fruitful. I finally found a big desk calendar! Ive  been looking for a while.. Other things of interest, a bag of potting soil, loads of microwave popcorn, a really cool backpack and some cute girls clothes. I also went to the grocery that night and found lots of yummy produce.

Another night at the grocery with my friend. She didn't wear the most appropriate foot wear, but we made sure to be careful to stand on the boxes and still had lots of fun! I've been known to climb in wearing flip flops.. not always the best idea, unless theres something really good inside!

Another friend checkin some stuff out at the dorms.

Last night I went with Laura and we found lots of girl's clothes, a rug, some boots, swiss army knife and lots of other random stuff. The TV has a DVD player in it and works fine.. I think it came from the dorm where the international students stay, but there is still no reason for something like that to be in the dumpster.. 

I am going back to the dorms tonight with my friend Maria. I am hoping for an ipod, another new pair of shoes, a full length mirror and some clothes. We'll see how it goes.. I suppose Ill be posting more regularly now that I'm done with school for the semester. Now I've got to start sorting out all the details for moving to Hawai'i in less than three months. That makes me a little nervous!

Have any of you had success diving at your local colleges? I would love to hear your stories!

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  1. I went on my first dive this past month with my sister and a friend. Combined we ended up with 4+ car loads of items. There was still more but we were beat and called it a night. 3 mini frigs, 2 futons, clothes galore!, TONS of unopened food, 4+ Rugs, several blankets, shelf, organizer bins, brand new trash cans, drawer organizers, sleeping bags, tons of odds and ends. The last load of items, the trunk would not close, and 2 of us had an arm out the window holding onto each end of a shelf across the top of the roof. It has me hooked! Planning on hitting a few spots this weekend with my sister to see what we can find.



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