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Saturday, October 23, 2010

I noticed the counter reached over 6,000 page views since I added it last February and shows visitors from 53 countries. I feel like I have accomplished something by sharing my unique perspective with the world, though whatever it is I  may have accomplished is unclear.
Why do you read this?
Has reading this changed anything for you?
Have you changed anything because of what you have read here?
Do you read this to learn about freeganism of dumpster diving?
I would like for readers to leave comments about where they are, why they read and what effect reading this has had, if any. Share your unique perspective with me.


  1. I read this blog for several reasons. When I found it I was trying to learn about freeganism, it seemed so interesting!

    Now I read it because it is an interesting and well written blog. Also I'm trying to build up the courage to go dumpster diving \(//∇//)\

  2. I read your blog because it's inspiring. I am not courageous to go dumpster diving, but it keeps me in check to not be wasteful.

    I do a tiny bit of urban foraging; mangoes, wild passionfruit, limes, tamarind and leaves from a plant on my footpath. I hope to learn more from my Thai neighbours and Indigenous friends who know all the eatables in our suburbs such as berries, leaves, bamboo shoots and green ants.

    I also want to be creative with my 3 year old and repurpose and reuse items which I would like to sell at affordable prices at local markets. I want to stop the crazy waste around me and re-use as much as possible. I'm on a journey and making small changes to my life step by step.

    I work in a corporate environment where no one else is like minded. I am the odd one out. Reading blogs written by people who care and live their ideals, keeps me sane, motivated and empowered.

    Keep up the good work!!! Read my blog too, it's not revolutionary like yours but one day it might be... - I'm aiming for a Eco-Frugal Blog.

  3. I have always been a "frugalian" if not a freegan and so I was glad to find your blog showing a similar approach to life. I also like to forage and my budgies are now freegans, too. They like the bouquets of roadside grasses that I bring them and they are the healthiest budgies I have ever had.

  4. I am reading your blog because last night I went out and did my first 'dumpster dive'. I found so much food it has blown my mind a little! So now I am scouring the web looking for other peoples experiences
    On the one hand I was happy because I have eaten for free 2 nights in a row, and made soup for my lunch, but on the other hand it is also really sad that so much is wasted.
    What really annoys me is that I am always giving money to homeless guys in my town (Bristol, UK) who have nothing to eat and now I realise that the supermarkets can afford to just chuck out piles of stuff. It's so wrong.
    Take to look at my blog if you want to find out what Freeganism is like across the pond

  5. Your old posts were amusing and fun to read. I have been a dumpster diver for a few years, and your blog has been something I've read that whole time. Your most recent posts, about your new life, have been incredibly inspiring. I've now been on the road for 2 months as well (permanently? who knows?) and I would love to hear if you ever did find that volunteer placement or work exchange.

  6. I'm totally new to dumpster diving, and found your blog after spending an evening with some freegans from out of town. I googled "freegan," and there you were. This is so eye opening to me, and I'm planning on exploring the diving options in my area.

  7. I just came to your blog yesterday and am very interested in learning more about dumpster diving!



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