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Thursday, October 21, 2010


I have been going to the dumps lately and have been pretty successful in finding good things. Most of the good stuff is at the grocery store. I like it here because they separate the compostable produce form the rest of the garbage for farmers to pick up. This means not having to dig through the yucky to get good veggies. Since we are heading in to the rainy season all winter, it rains pretty much every night. These less favorable conditions don't always last the whole evening, but I've grown accustomed to getting caught in the rain.
Here is what we found some time last week. There was lots to share with friends and everyone else who has been helping me out since I got here.

We found tons of waffles, couscous, phyllo dough, pizza, olives, raw acai cacao bars, melona bars and lots of sprouts. We also stopped and picked a few papayas on the way home to make green papaya salad.. mmmmm....


  1. My neighbour gave me a green Paw Paw tonight!!! I'm making a green Paw Paw salad tomorrow night. Yummo!!!

    Don't share your green Paw Paw with pregnant ladies.

  2. Hi Michael,
    I just found your blog today, and I was really excited to read about your freegan lifestyle. I'm really excited to start finding food to eat out of other people's trash. Tonight (right after finding your blog) I went out to try my luck, and I didn't have any success. The grocery stores in my area all have these huge trash compactors. Even the drug stores apparently create enough trash to have their own compactor machine. Can you share with me via email, or maybe even make a post, aimed at helping out guys n gals who want to start diving? I'm in Vancouver, Canada.




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