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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another Day, Another Dive, Another Adventure

Last night's dive was very fruitful. We went to two stores for food and got quite a bit of good stuff. In fact, there was so much that we only took the best stuff, leaving tons of food for someone else to happen upon. From the first two places we managed to collect:

4 loaves Sara Lee white bread
2 packs Hawaiian King savory rolls
6 boxes of croissants
1 bag bagels
1 loaf Italian brad
1 bag sub buns
3 packs red bean chili
2 tubs macaroni salad
1 tub cole slaw (use by 4/23)
3 bags Pepito flour tortillas
3 bottles cocktail sauce
3 frozen mac&cheese dinners
1 blueberry pie
2 boxes sliced blueberry cake
1 package sweet corn on cob
3 yellow squash
5 large tomatoes
4 bell peppers- yellow, green, and orange

The most interesting part of the evening came later when I went on a bike ride with a friend. We ended up downtown and decided to ride through the area outside the courthouse with all the steps and ramps. We were chillin with our drink when I noticed a guard rushing down a flight of steps on the other side of the courtyard, so we jetted outta there before he came to bother us. After a while of riding around we stopped check out a bin near the train station. After my friend pulled out a trash bag filled with police bike helmets, I decided to jump in and have a look around. I never expected to see a samurai sword laying on top of the bags of trash. I was a little disappointed when I picked it up and realized that it is wooden... There was not really anything else in there of interest, so I climbed out and we went behind the dumpsters to try on some helmets and figure out what to do with them.
Unfortunately, right after we found some that fit and stowed a few in our packs, a security guard walked around the corner. Hoping he would just pass by, we stood quietly behind the bins, but he saw our bikes and started poking around. When he heard us grabbing our bikes, he started shouting at us to come out. So we did, in our helmets, toting a samurai sword. I guess he was not expecting us to walk out like that with our bikes, because he immediately grabbed his radio and called his back up. Hand on his mace, he made us put our bikes against the wall and started asking questions about what we were doing. We told him that we were just looking for something to eat and stumbled across the bag of helmets and sword. I guess he didn't believe us because he wanted to grill us about our information and stuff. By this time his backup had arrived and the role for officer Williams on Reno 911 may as well have been based on her. It was clear that she didn't care and wanted to let us go but Smith, the other douche bag, decided he wanted to call the po pos. Since it took the cops several minutes, we chatted with them about a few things: if the heat would arrive sooner if we had guns, how awkward it would be if we ran in to Smith at the grocery store.. i think it was really frustrating Mr. Smith because he walked down to the end of the parking lot, presumably looking for the heat. "Williams" was like "I would just let y'all go.." and I said "Girl i feel sorry for you, havin to work with him." She just smiled and rolled her eyes. When Smith got back he said "Alright, you guys scram. I don't know where they are.." so we hopped on our bikes (sword in tote) and got the hell outta there. We immediately turned down a dark alley and went behind some buildings, just in time to see two cop cars speed by towards the depot and another one a minute later. Deciding we had done enough for one evening, we returned to Paisley, making sure to steer clear of any piggies who might be on the lookout for us.

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