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Monday, April 6, 2009

Diving Solo

Tonight I was supposed to be working on an assignment, so I was looking for anything to distract me... so I decided to go for a dive. I couldnt find anyone to go with me, so I took a break from trying to write the paper and went alone. I got quite a bit from the places I went, but Im figuring out that unless you go very regularly, its harder to tell what is from today and what was thrown out yesterday.. its sort of a hassle to check dates on everything when you're alone in the dumpster, flashlight in mouth, full bag hanging off your shoulder, digging with on hand and picking out stuff with the other, all the while keeping an eye out over your shoulder for any shenanigans... Its always better to have a buddy or two when you go diving so you can get a little assembly line going. Someone to get in and hand things off to someone else who is waiting to wipe off anything yucky and organize it in the car. So here is what I got from the three places I went:

2 bags romaine hearts
2 jars organic dill pickles
6 jars Classico Four Cheese tomato sauce (one jar in the case broke, so the entire thing was tossed)
7 packages sliced colby jack
4 packages sliced gouda
2 packages Philadelphia cream cheese
1lb block cheddar
12oz block extra sharp cheddar
half of a Hormel ham for slicing (to become cat food)
most of a turkey breast for slicing (also for meow)
1 package pork chops("")
1 package Avtivia yogurt
1 Mrs. Smith's Cinnabon apple crumb pie
2 5lb bags sugar
1 bag pecan date granola
1 box fruity pebbles
1 box oven ready brownies
1 bottle ketchup
2 boxes 30ct garbage bags
1 box sandwich bags
1 can fancy feast cat food
1 large bag cat litter

I was wondering earler today what I was gonna do when I ran out of garbage bags. Its one of the things that you need to have around, but never think about having to buy... and today Basil ran out of cat food, so he was excited to get a ham dinner and im sure will be equally as excited to enjoy the five pound turkey breast! Just goes to show that you never know what you will find and that nothing is beyond ending up in a dumpster somewhere...

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