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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today I stopped by one of the usual spots on the way home, one that I went to last night, and was pleased as ever to discover a treasure trove of delightful morsels. One of the best parts about dumpster diving is that you never know what you will find. Its like combing the beach each morning for shells and bits of coral. Some mornings you only find a scallop shell but other mornings will turn up two starfish, a sand dollar, ten scallop shells and a conch. Whenever I come across a good find its like Christmas morning. Often times there is so much stuff that I have to pick out just the best and freshest so that I can fit it in my kitchen. Each time I go on a trip I learn something new; like always bring a pair of gloves to dig with, a flashlight to see with, and a towel to wipe stuff with. Tonight, I realized that I will not ever have to worry about having food again. Despite my visiting the same spot on consecutive nights, I found loads of really good stuff, including:

2 containers Garden Fresh Gourmet peach mango salsa
8 1/2 gal. cartons Minute Made and Tropicana juices
1 pineapple
6 boxes assorted Eggo waffles
1 Primo Thin supreme pizza
5 boxes Corner Bistro paninis
2 boxes Lean Cuisine paninis
1 package egg roll wraps
3lb bag setak cut fries
1 package organic baby spinach
1 16oz bottle Simply Limeade
1 bottle steak sauce
1 bottle steak seasoning
1 box Pepridge Farm texas toast

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