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Sunday, April 12, 2009


Tonight I got more food than I ever have at once before. I made a deal with my friend that if the first place we went didn't have anything good, we would stop at the next one. We found a good load and agreed to head home, but since the next store was sort of on the way, I convinced him to tag along to the second store. There wasn't much at the second one, so we decided to head home with our loot. The third store that I frequent also happened to be on the way home, so I decided to just stop and look. The first dumpster was full of garbage and nothing I that I could see was worth digging for so I pulled up the the second one to take a look inside. I was shocked to see the amount of food in there... I was delighted and disgusted to find that many of the dates on the packages and jars are good for the rest of the month, until July, October... until next year!? I don't understand why so much perfectly good food is thrown away every day, for no apparent reason. The packages are intact and seals remain unbroken. It makes no sense to me... I often wonder what someone from a slum in India or a refugee from Sudan would think if they spent a night with me. The amount of food that is wasted every day is beginning to become clearer to me and it brings me to tears to think of the number of people around the world who starve to death every single day when there is an amount of waste that you cant imagine without seeing it every night. I think that my calling in life is becoming clearer too.. to develop practices for growing local foods so that we don't need Taj Mateeters everywhere to be stocked by factory farms that use tons of natural resources, chemicals and pesticides to grow food that ends up in landfills, making it bad for the consumer, bad for the planet, and bad for everyone who will come after we are all dead. Still, tomorrow there will be more food in that same dumpster and more every day after that. This is why I know I will never have to worry about having food again.
This brings me to the evolving idea of my community refrigerator. Much of the food was stuff like hot pockets, frozen pasta dinners and pizzas; stuff with sausage and other yucky meat that I don't eat. I usually cook a feast on Sunday evenings and invite everyone over for dinner, but I still end up throwing away lots of food that spoils before I or the neighbors can eat it. So, Ive been inviting my friends and family to come to my refrigerator to take whatever they need. Since lots of my friends are out of jobs now, its a good opportunity for us to get together and eat tons of good food without worrying about any cost or consequences of eating up your week's ration. In fact, i encourage anyone to come by for lunch or dinner or whatever any time Im home. I love to cook for people and I have a virtually unlimited supply of food. If I could just find a way to get paid to cook for my friends... I also encourage the reader to ask me questions about anything. I am very interested to get many peoples thoughts on what I write. Do you want something from the list? Can you host a cook out? Do you have a diving story to share? I'm interested in hearing what you have to say!

So here is the two pages of stuff that I wrote down:

4 Totino's pizzas
3 boxes Eggo waffles
2 boxes texas toast
1 box pilsbury easter cookies
2 packages pilsbury chocolate chip cookies
3 boxes hot pockets
1 box french toast sticks
1 package yeast rolls
2 packages sliced meunster cheese
10oz block white cheddar cheese
1 box jimmy dean sausage pancake corn dog things
2 Michelena's microwave dinners
3 boxes parkay
3 lbs butter
1lb I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
1 tub Country Crock
1lb olive oil butter spread
1lb country crock sticks
3lbs Blue Bonnett
2 boxes french bread pizza
1 box anytizer chicken fries
3 jars shaved parmesean cheese
1 tube pilsbury crecent rolls
3 bags hamburger buns
1 cheese&cracker snack platter
1 10 inch apple pie
1 12 inch coconut custard pie
1lb sliced Kraft deli cheese
1 5lb bag sugar
1 gal. minute made berry punch
1 package sliced portabella mushrooms
1 package button mushrooms
2 packages exotic muchroom blend
4 bags romaine lettuce
1 cabbage
2 bags baby carrots
5 white onions
1 red onion
1 yellow onion
1 bag apples
4 mangoes
3 peaches
1 plum
2 pears
15 limes
5 lemons
2 grapefruit
4 tangelo
1 horned melon
4 tomatoes
2 jalapenos
2 tomatillios
1 bottle of windex


  1. Gross and disgusting. Acting like an animal and rummaging through the garbage. grow up hippie.

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