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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Tonight there was a new guy at work. I turned the subject to my diving, like always, and he got really interested, so we made plans to go out after we got off. We found some good stuff at the first two places, but upon arrival at our third stop I saw another car pull around, leaving the deserted parking lot from behind the building. I saw it full of two or three people and immediately knew that they had just been picking through everything in my dumpsters minutes before. As I pulled in the driveway and drove past they slowed and our eyes met for only a brief moment where I felt like we both knew what each other was thinking. They slowly pulled up to the intersection and stopped before pulling out, watching to see if we were going to drive behind the building, behind from which they had just appeared. I drove behind the building, perplexed and curious as to what the dumpster would hold. As I thought, everything had already been carefully picked through, bags torn open and good items taken.
This is the first time I have ever had this kind of experience. Im not really sure how I feel about it.. I feel lot of things, but I cant easily describe it. My initial feelings were excitement that I might meet some cool new people but I also had some bitterness about them having taken from my spot.. I know its not mine, but I have never had to share it with anyone, or at least seen other people helping themselves.. Its a strange feeling, like someone came in my home or something. Ive never had a problem with bringing my friends and telling everyone I know about what I do, but it felt strange to see someone else there, who I didn't invite to my spot; although by telling everyone I know, I'm inviting them and encourage them to do it on their own.. Its weird to encounter this situation after seeming to be alone for so long. I don't really understand my feelings about it yet..

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