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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dive Meet

Last Friday night there was another meeting for my dive meetup group and two members from a neighboring city  came to join me. It was great to meet two women who were really excited to get out and do some diving despite the rainy weather. We parked near our first place and rode around together from there. The first grocery store was somewhat of a disappointment, without much for us to salvage; however, our second stop at a pharmacy yielded us a jackpot! We ended up with so much that we had to stop back by their car to unload before going to get some food form another grocery store. As we got to our last spot it began to sprinkle so we quickly sorted through the lovely new dumpsters to recover a bunch of good food. Right as we were wrapping things up, the rain began to pick up and suddenly it was pouring, so we threw our stuff in the car and took off. It was still raining when we got back to their car so we got a little wet dividing our loot, but we had such a good time it didn't really matter.
We loaded the car at our second stop.
Sorting our loot under the back door in the rain.

After dividing our findings, this is what I ended up bringing home:
9 bottles Dawn dish soap
unscented roll on antiperspirant/deodorant
3 bottles 30spf sunscreen
vanilla scented epsom salts
holiday stickers
red bows
florist's foam rings
laxative powder
3 boxes nasal rinse
LED magnifying glass
large red sign letters
cat litter
toothbrush replacement heads

3packs twizzlers
7 tubes Rolo
4 mint three muskateers
4 dark chocolate bars
pkg fig bars
2 cartons vanilla yogurt
3 mystery cans
2 jars pickles
4 jars banana peppers
2 cheesecakes
tomato soup at hand
2 boxes baby spinach and romaine
green onions
2 loaves bread

I had so much fun going out with my meetup group members and look forward to doing it another time!

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