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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Organic Produce

My sister called me the other morning to give me a tip about where to get some organic produce. I got up and went to the secret pick up location and was very pleased to receive three large boxes of assorted organic fruits, veggies and pumpkin pie filling. I made a big batch of tomato sauce with all the beautiful tomatoes and sealed it in  mason jars to keep for another day when Im feelin like pasta. I made another apple pie(my second one ever!) with some of the apples and decided to try a lattice top. It turned out beautifully and the crust was actually some of the best Ive ever made! I was very happy with the results, but still found some things to improve on for the next time..
Some beautiful tomatoes ready to make sauce.
I added some key lime and orange juice to the pie.
I grated the apples this time to see how it would turn out.
It was a lovely day, so I left it in the kitchen window to cool.

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