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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Free Pie Day!

I have said before that I love pie. In Finally, Pies! I mentioned, a kind of loose organization or movement based on spreading joy and community through simple acts like giving away free pie. Well, on a beautiful Monday morning after the previous evening's potluck club meeting, I got up and baked five pies to give away downtown for Greensboro's first Free Pie Day. I had been planning it for a while with my free pie meetup group and was itching to finally get some pies baked! My sister came over to help me get everything together and once the pies were ready, we loaded my car with all our supplies and went downtown to set up. I borrowed a 6 foot table and linens from work to set up and serve the pies from. I have also been gathering metal forks and china dessert dishes from thrift stores to serve the pie on. We also brought a bunch of dish towels, pie servers, a knife, paper napkins and some signs that we had whipped up while the pies were in the oven.
When we arrived downtown we were greeted with a waiting group of people hungry for pie! My dear friend Laura had brought her friends from the office with her to get some pie and another member of the meetup group brought a pie and a friend. We quickly set up and and started dishing out delicious warm slices of pie to whoever wanted one. First, our friends who were eagerly waiting, and then curious passers by who stopped to see what the commotion was about. Some people were surprisingly reluctant to accept the free pie, trying to seem too busy or too full from lunch to indulge in the savory delight; however, many people were thrilled to enjoy a slice of pie with other intrigued strangers who had wandered by,  delighted with the idea of something free, without any catch. We attracted all sorts of people and served all of our pies, around 50 slices, within an hour of setting up shop.
Next time we will need more...

I should mention that I went to the grocery specifically to buy the frozen rhubarb in the bowl. I decided that making the small purchase was for the grater good this time..
The remains of our pies. From back to front: Cookies n' Cream, Strawberry-Rhubarb, Apple, Blueberry

This one went really, really well! I am already planning for the next one and have some big ideas for it.. but more on that later..

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  1. HAI! my name is Angry =] I was just wondering what exactly were you doing? giving the pie to the public? How did they react to the pie? Didi they know that it was products that you rescued? very interested =] feel free to email me a response, it would be SO appreciated



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