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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Finally, Pies!

My best friend's little brother is shipping off to Army boot camp. Its very sad. His going away party was last night so we all got together to send him off well. Later on we all rendezvoused back at Laura's, but on my way over there I decided to stop at the store to pick up some late night snacks. I didn't dig deep but I found some good stuff:

10 pie crusts
16oz block cheddar cheese
bag sliced cheddar
3 loaves bread
veggie platter
box of baby greens

The veggie tray looked good but didn't taste good... There was a big bag of fish filets that must have dripped all over it or something because it smelled fishy and had a weird taste;  we decided against eating it. I left some cheese, bread and a pie crust with Laura.
 I was excited about the pie crusts because Ive been talking about baking pies for ages, but have not had any flour to make the crust dough with. It wont be as tasty as if I had made it, but ill settle for a pre-made crust. The last pie I made was soooo good but my fav is blueberry and I still have all those bags of fruit in the freezer from whenever we found those.. or perhaps peach-blueberry? Ill have to think on it. At first, I only grabbed a couple boxes, but after considering my love for pies, I went back on my way home to get five more in case I don't find any flour for a while. I couldn't help but think about the organization called Free Pie or something:
 I absolutely adore this idea. Maybe I could organize one in Greensboro. I guess all these crusts and frozen fruit would make it pretty simple to start from; maybe Ill go back tonight for the rest of the crusts.. Anyone wanna get together to bake pies and give em away somewhere?

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