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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another day, another dive

I got a call from my friends the other night asking if I wanted to go diving with them again. Since I'd hardly gotten out of bed all day, I thought it would be good to get out and do something. Im glad I did, because we recovered an insane amount of food again. I was quite excited about all the frozen berries and the yogurt. I can make lots of pies with the fruit and I enjoy yogurt in the mornings. When we got back to their place we sorted, washed and divided everything up. I only inventoried what I took home so we collected more than twice this list. Here's what I brought home:

3lbs. margerine
4 individual blueberry yogurt cups
32oz tub vanilla yogurt
1 bag cranberries
4 Jello mousse cups
1 bag frozen broccoli spears
 1 tub Ranch veggie dip
1 tub yogurt fruit dip
2 containers salsa
1 container french onion dip
8oz block sharp cheddar
8oz block European style butter
8oz pepper jack cheese
fresh ginger
8 potatoes
16oz bag parsnips
4 avocados
2 heads cauliflower
jar caesar dressing
Stauffers flatbread
Pilsbury xmas cookies
64oz bottle mystery juice.. maybe cranberry?
3lb bag clementines
4ct bag pita
3 bags dried mango/pineapple
1 butternut squash
frozen cheese pizza
3 bags Chiquita apple bites
2 loaves Natures Own bread
11-1lb bags assorted frozen berries
1 bag english muffins
bag BBQ buns
bag hot dog buns
2 bags hamburger buns

A friend of my brother's gave us their old refrigerator. Its much newer, bigger and nicer than our old one so its pretty exciting and its already packed full of new stuff from the past few nights.

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