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Friday, January 22, 2010

In the news

I don't really watch TV, except for situations where there is one on in the same room.. I also don't read much.. I can, but unless I have some kind of assignment or special interest, I don't usually just pick up books and start reading them.. This means that I never see the news on TV, never really read news papers, check news blogs or anything like that. Whatever filters in to my life comes mostly from conversations with friends, overhearing stuff at work, or some discussion at school or something like that. A few days ago someone at work asked me what I think about what is happening in Haiti and I had no clue that there has been a catastrophic earthquake resulting in apocalyptic fight-to-the-death-for-a-morsel-of-food type scenario that is unfolding. Kind of like 9/11.. I was a freshman in high school when it happened, but since we didn't have TV at home I never really saw or heard exactly what happened. I knew there was an attack and planes in towers and shit, but I never saw images or read the stories about it. So, months later when I saw videos of the plane hitting the tower for the first time and people falling from the sky I sobbed.
I recently heard about the "NBC fiasco" which I had virtually no knowledge of. I heard someone at work talking about there being a time slot discrepancy for some show with someone, but thats all I knew. I became inquisitive, since everyone seems to be in such a huff about it and began asking questions. So, apparently Conan O'Brian is getting fired and given like 40 million dollars and his show is being given to Jay Leno or something like that... I don't understand why people are so upset about it. I couldn't care any less. It has no affect on mine or anyone elses present life or future whatsoever, unless you are related to one of the two or work for NBC I guess... If these are the things that common people consider important and pressing newsworthy issues, what issues are scientists concerned with?  What are the real problems that so many forces are trying to distract people from with frivolous, mindless crap that matters to no one.
Obviously, I should be in the know about the important things. It is an individuals responsibility to keep up with what's going on in the world, but it seems that the "important" things that are in the news are complete and total bull shit: "John and Kate are getting a divorce!" Who the hell are they?  "Michael Jackson died!" So... what? Everyone dies.. "Unauthorized Oprah biography coming in April" Are you kidding? Who the hell besides Oprah gives a rat's ass!? Lets talk about the poor and homeless people who are starving to death in America or the children in public schools whose families cant afford lunches and go hungry, while every one of the biggest grocery store corporations are destroying tons of perfectly good food every day save money? For convenience? Lets do something that advances humanity, something that brings human life to a higher level of quality and efficiency instead of simmering in this cesspool, thinking that we're just fabulous creatures at the peak of existence.. There is so much work to be done.
Anyway.. I guess I should start making more of an effort to be aware of the real problems occurring in the world.

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