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Monday, January 11, 2010

New camera!

Im really excited about the new camera that I ordered last week. Its a gift to my self for being awesome last year and fulling commitments that I made to my self. Its supposed to get here on Wednesday..  I know I mentioned I recently got a new camera, but it has proven that it can't keep up with my demands.. 

Its pretty nice and would be good for taking to a party or to bring along on a fun night out, but its not very durable and im always afraid of destroying it when I take it to the dumps with me. It has been dropped twice and has a small crack and a dent above the screen.. its made in China, so its not built for durability.. After considering my needs I decided on this one:

This one is pretty much indestructible. Water proof, drop proof, crush proof, freeze proof.. Just what I need. I got an extraordinary deal on mine too which makes it all more satisfying. I cant wait to test it out!

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