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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good finds

As I was riding my bike around the neighborhood yesterday I came across two items that I had to come back for with the car. The first thing is a very large wooden crate.

It measures 41"x45" and the bottom is raised off the ground. It was used to hold a load of slate, which was used in building the giant new houses down the street that all popped up within the last year. When I saw it I immediately knew that I would take it home and make a compost pin out of it. It is the perfect size and can easily be changed to allow one side to open on a hinge when its time to turn or ready to use. Im very excited about this, as it will give me more motivation and make it easier to compost everything at home.

The second item that I found is a small child's bicycle.

I have actually been keeping my eye out for one for a while but kind of forgot about it over the winter. I'll use the fork and wheels to build a small trailer for my bike so I can finally emancipate myself from my car.. or at least on nice days.. I would really like to build a little single wheel trailer that I can load up with crates and take with me wherever I go. I am very excited about this too.
I bought a hiking backpack for like two dollars a few months ago at the Habitat for Humanity Re-store, one of the best places ever, and took out the frame so that it could serve as the base frame for my trailer.

 Unfortunately for me, as a sagittarian, I cant seem to finish an awesome project before another awesom-er project consumes me.. in fact, right now there is a half sewn apron hanging on the mannequin, tiny bike parts laying on the floor and several unframed pictures stacked up on the shelf.. But now that Ive got all the parts, I just have to put it all together. This will require some outside help since everything needs to be welded together and I don't know anything about welding, although like so many other things, it would be a hobby Id take up if I had the time and equipment.

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