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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Potluck Club Meeting

The other night my potluck club met at my house for our March potluck. To get ready for the dinner, I went out the night before with my friend Maria to collect food. It seemed like ages since I had been to the dumps, so I was excited. Maria brought one of her other friends who went with us on her first dumpster dive. I think it was pretty good for her first time because we found quite a bit at each of our stops. I think the grocery stores I go to got brand new dumpsters at all their stores, or at least they did for now.. They were nice and clean and much easier to open up and get in!
Checking out the new dumpsters
At the potluck, my friend Maureen asked where I got my beautiful tomatoes from. From a pile of cabbage leaves, oranges, lemons, potatoes and grapes!
Crates are very useful to have around
After splitting our loot between the three of us, I ended up with:
2 bags apples
vanilla cream wafer sticks
bottle seltzer water
10 1lb milk chocolate rabbits
bag oranges
2 8oz blocks cheese
6 lemons
6 limes
10 tomatoes
2 pears
2 onions
3 jalapanoes
red pepper
can Pringles
2 6oz tubs grated parmesean
6pk Trix yogurt
3 blueberry greek yogurt

4 boxes Smart Start cereal
2 boxes granola
4 boxes other cereals
3 boxes gummy snacks
1 box Reece's snacksters
3 tubs chip dip
2 10lb bags potatoes
jar Prego sauce

Olay wrinkle cream
face cream
grape childrens Tylenol
Axe body spray and body wash
3 tote bags
ceramic dinner plate
plastic bus pan

As for the potluck on Sunday night, it was excellent! I had a great time meeting some new people, cooking lots of delicious food with all the great stuff I found and eating other wonderful dishes that people brought to share. I met someone who I hope to collaborate with on delivering extra stuff that I have to organizations in town that can prepare and distribute it to those who need it.  I always look forward to the next one! I LOVE POTLUCKS!

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